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  • Yuletide In Tucson7:10
  • Yuletide In Tucson7:10

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Under Sonoran Skies Prose and Poetry from the High Desert an anthology by six Tucson authors

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Prose and Poetry From the High Desert​​​ 

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This anthology is well put together and a perfect anytime read…These authors are indeed true writers and artists. I hope they keep in touch and grace us with another compilation soon.  
* * * Foreword Reviews, Clarion Review

Under Sonoran Skies has a number of bright spots...One might dip in and out of the book, reading only that which catches the eye…

Kirkus Reviews

The pieces are generally quite brief, somewhat humorous and fairly casual.…The strongest section in the collection is the poetry. 
Arizona Daily Star
Readable, entertaining, well-indexed collection of poetry and prose...Includes local history, professional experiences and personal memoirs. 
Readers Favorite
…Readers will be taken away with these writings about a lot of 
different situations and places....This is all good.  Someone called this book brain candy, and that is just my thoughts about it as well....It has something for everyone to enjoy!  

Green Valley News
Beautiful hardcover book….The subjects have no bounds and the
rhythm feels  rhythm feels good....I read each poem and liked them all....The prose is also well-researched and well-written.  

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
…Author’s insights provide a balance that will engage readers of
every age....an ideal way to create reflective meaningful moments....a positive listening experience.


Drawing on diverse life experiences, spanning education, engineering, ministry, law, and the performing arts, the six authors bring a complementary tone, style, and rhythm in this 240-page book. Although the anthology is a general literary piece, it can be used as a mechanism for enhancing literacy and teaching English as a second language. USS  was selected as one of the  top 50 picks of 2012 by Southwest Books of the Year. This work offers educators, home schooling families and students a unique learning tool with varied topics presented in multiple forms. Magician, poet, storyteller and MC Bill Black has published numerous books of poetry and is featured in regional and international magazines. Jeanne Burrows-Johnson is an internationally published wordsmith, novelist, design consultant, and public speaker. Retired language arts instructor and poet Susan Cosby-Patton is published regionally and nationally. Kay Lesh is a psychotherapist, memoirist, and mystery writer, is an author of professional Ezine and print articles and books. She periodically conducts seminars and workshops. The Rev. Patricia Noble is a retired author, educator, and speaker who has aired radio essays and published journal articles. Larry Sakin was a green energy entrepreneur, political writer and consultant whose work is featured Online and in print across the United States and in Canada. In addition to literary subjects like philosophy, personal relationships, war, animal  companions, and phases of life, they also examine the environment, history, business, politics, and mythology. The eleven themed chapters allow readers to read the book sequentially, or select from a variety of chapter topics: Visioning the Craft; Places Far and Near; The Changing West; Of Men and Women; Family, Friends, and Other Loves; Health, Wealth, and Happiness; Seasons of Life; Choice and Change; Myth, Magic, and Inspiration; Business, Culture and Society; Crafting the Vision.

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