​​​​​​​​​​     It's wonderful to announce that the Natalie Seachrist mysteries are now included in the listings of Cozy Mysteries Unlimited, which offers wonderful categories for locating your ideal read! 

     I'm also glad that I'm still hearing from friends and readers I saw during my hometown visit to Portland, Oregon in September, 2018.There I conducted a couple of writing exercises with students at Woodrow Wilson High School... And attended the Reunion of the Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1968! Like most people in my age group, I find it hard to believe that a half century has passed since I left high school. But I must tell my readers of every age and background that I give much credit to the instructors of my accelerated English and social studies classes for my career in writing. They instilled far more than a deep appreciation for language and history, for many of them enforced a daily regimen of creative writing and challenging research projects!



The latest Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mystery...

The most striking feature...is a winsomely detailed setting...the protagonist is first-rate. Natalie, for example, despite using her visions as an investigative tool, produces a significant break in the case with mere deductive reasoning. Her special ability does factor into the probe, but she would have made headway on smarts alone. The plot offers a couple of impressive twists…A diverting tale led by a smashing amateur detective whose dexterity far exceeds her paranormal gift.

This author knows her genre, and she skillfully blends familiar ingredients that faithful cozy mystery readers will appreciate....while cozy sleuths are often known for their intuition, Natalie’s dreams are downright prescient, bringing a mystical quality to the crime-solving activities. Finally, the book’s love affair with its Hawaiian setting is contagious, and the location details create an alluring atmosphere... 

PORTLAND BOOK REVIEW, Star Rating: 5 / 5
...Murder on Mokulua Drive by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson is a novel steeped in beautiful details. Both setting and character are wonderfully and intricately described, building a slice of life that draws the reader in and connects them to the story and its characters. ....the attention the author pays to the Hawaiian locations is especially meaningful to those who have visited or lived on O’ahu.

While there is a small element of fantasy incorporated into the story through the protagonists’ visions, the author does a wonderful job of balancing it for those who are more pragmatic about their choice of mystery novels. The visions give context and background, helping to build the connections mentioned earlier, while still giving clues to murders and mysteries. Murder on Mokulua Drive is an engaging and enjoyable read for those who love deeply built connections and rich details. A worthwhile read, even for those who may enjoy a slightly faster paced and higher energy murder mystery.

Susan Miller, MANHATTAN BOOK REVIEW, Star Rating: 4.5/5

Initially, it was the gorgeous cover that drew me to this book....Overall, I was impressed by the character development in the book....The use of Hawaiian words and explanations was also a very nice touch, making me feel that I was part of the local culture....It's nice to read about characters of all ages. . .The story had many layers as well as some twists and turns, which kept me glued to the pages. . .

Elizabeth Konkel,SEATTLE BOOK REVIEWStar Rating: 4.5 / 5

A murder mystery in paradise, Murder on Mokulua Drive is full of heart, sweet romance, and a deep sense of family with layered characters, strong female relationships, and the scenic setting of Hawai'i.

Frank Kaleba, AMAZON BOOK REVIEWSStar Rating: 5/5

Jeanne Burrows-Johnson once again paints her protagonist, Natalie Seachrist, into a lush and immersive ramble through Hawai’ian culture, food, and milieu. It is a tropical milieu you can quickly embrace, as the sights, fragrances, and tastes of the island develop on the pages....This, like the first novel, is not a police procedural. Natalie is not a detective, but a catalyst for the solution. I thoroughly enjoyed this second entry into the Natalie Seachrist series because it revolves around the strong and principled character of Natalie and is about as far away from the artificial “Hawaii 5-0” storylines as you can get, without leaving the islands. Highly recommended to spirit you away.  

N. Jones, AMAZON BOOK REVIEWS, Star Rating: 5/5

This is my first Natalie Seachrist story, but won't be my last. The story was quick paced, yet lingered appropriately on Hawaii life. I love a good story that has me fooled and keeps me from guessing the outcome. This one delivered!


     Semi-retired journalist Natalie Seachrist has had visions all of her life. But when she has one about a child escaping by boat from Denmark to Sweden in a murky predawn, she has no idea how scenes resembling a World War II movie will impact her twenty-first century life in Hawai`i`.  Soon after, she and her boyfriend, homicide-detective-turned-private-investigator Keoni Hewitt, move into the Lanikai cottage she has recently inherited. 
     The warm welcome they receive from Miriam Didión, a widowed human rights activist, sets the ideal tone for life in the delightful windward neighborhood. Unfortunately, their expectations of a relaxing seaside life are soon shattered.  By the time Natalie throws Keoni a birthday party, she has become close to Miriam and her personable housemates Joanne and Izzy.  Even Natalie’s feline companion Miss Una embraces the women who live next door by keeping watch on their property each night. Abruptly, their lives change when Natalie experiences a horrifying vision of a scuba diver garroting a woman.  And when one of her neighbors is found dead in the maid’s quarters of Miriam’s home the following morning, Natalie must reveal her murderous vision to Keoni’s former partner, Honolulu Police Detective John Dias.
     Hoping her unusual gifts may prove useful once more, the Lieutenant asks Natalie and her twin Nathan (a psychologist) to read the victim’s journals. While fascinated by the decades-long commentary, Natalie finds no clue to the brutal murder.  But when the body of a nefarious suspect is discovered at Diamond Head Beach, the murder appears solved.  Believing that her life of semi-retirement is back on track, Natalie schedules a tour of historic Kawai nui Marsh with a few of her new friends.  Too soon, the unraveling of a day of playing tourist as well as the perceived resolution of the murder place Natalie and her companions in the cross hairs of an unexpected and dangerous adversary.   Does resolution of the gruesome crime lie buried in the deceased’s transnational past?  Or does it lie in the visible present among her  innocuous
seeming companions?


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2018 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

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