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The second Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian cozy mystery

By Jeanne Burrows-Johnson


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Hardcover ISBN:  978-1-932926-60-6
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A deftly crafted and impressively engaging read from cover to cover, "Prospect for Murder" clearly demonstrates novelist Jeanne Burrows-Johnson as a master of the mystery/suspense genre. Very highly recommended  for the personal reading lists of dedicated mystery buffs and community library Mystery Fiction Collections. 

DJ Sakata,
​Being a resident of Hawaii, I could not pass up a murder mystery based in Honolulu. It was thrilling while at the same time oddly relaxing to read a story with so many local references to places, food, culture, and traits. The writing was insightful, observant, emotive, and intelligent. Each scene, task, and event was highly detailed and meticulously  described - she really was a close approximation or the Hawaiian version of Jessica Fletcher, as her friend  had teased. I savored the sense of familiarity as well as the intriguing storyline.  

J. Aislynn d'Merricksson,

I enjoyed reading about Natalie's research work as much as the murder plot. The story is well written...I'd love to read more ​of Natalie's adventures in the future! Highly recommended for the mystery-lover. 

Joe Kilgore,
In this debut whodunit, Burrows-Johnson displays a fine eye for detail, a sharp ear for dialogue, and  a commendable commitment to tie up loose ends.  

​Cherie Jung,
Readers will quickly warm to the protagonist, Natalie, her cat Miss Una, and the many other memorable characters. The pacing of the narrative was perfect. The characters were well-developed, the storyline plausible, and the author’s

descriptive writing skill will leave readers wanting more Natalie Seachrist and Miss Una stories...and very likely the reader will wishe that they could know Natalie personally.

 *     *     *     *     *

Of her work in UNDER SONORAN SKIES, Prose and Poetry from the High Desert [one of 2012's top picks by the Southwestern Books of the Year] Kirkus Reviews said her historical essays are interesting.  The Arizona Daily Star appreciated her indexing and the Green Valley News and Sun found her design a beautiful hardcover book and the prose well researched and well written.

*     *     *     *     *

Semi-retired journalist Natalie Seachrist has had visions all of her life. But when she has one about a child escaping by boat from Denmark to Sweden in a murky predawn, she has no idea how scenes resembling a World War II movie will impact her twenty-first century life in Hawai`i`.  Soon after, she and her boyfriend, homicide-detective-turned-private-investigator Keoni Hewitt, move into the Lanikai cottage she has recently inherited. 

The warm welcome they receive from Miriam Didión, a widowed human rights activist, sets the ideal tone for life in the delightful windward neighborhood. Unfortunately, their expectations of a relaxing seaside life are soon shattered.  By the time Natalie throws Keoni a birthday party, she has become close to Miriam and her personable housemates Joanne and Izzy.  Even Natalie’s feline companion Miss Una embraces the women who live next door by keeping watch on their property each night. Abruptly, their lives change when Natalie experiences a horrifying vision of a scuba diver garroting a woman.  And when one of her neighbors is found dead in the maid’s quarters of Miriam’s home the following morning, Natalie must reveal her murderous vision to Keoni’s former partner, Honolulu Police Detective John Dias.

Hoping her unusual gifts may prove useful once more, the Lieutenant asks Natalie and her twin Nathan (a psychologist) to read the victim’s journals. While fascinated by the decades-long commentary, Natalie finds no clue to the brutal murder.  But when the body of a nefarious suspect is discovered at Diamond Head Beach, the murder appears solved.  Believing that her life of semi-retirement is back on track, Natalie schedules a tour of historic Kawai nui Marsh with a few of her new friends.  Too soon, the unraveling of a day of playing tourist as well as the perceived resolution of the murder place Natalie and her companions in the cross hairs of an unexpected and dangerous adversary.   

Does resolution of the gruesome crime lie buried in the deceased’s transnational past?  Or does it lie in the visible present among innocuous seeming companions?

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FINALIST, Mystery/Suspense

WINNER, Cover Art 6x9 Fiction 

2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

Copyright from 2017© Jeanne Burrows-Johnson