Welcome to the Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian mystery series! I am delighted that you are interested in learning more about these cozy mysteries set in the lush environs of Hawai`i. The unusual puzzles that journalist Natalie Seachrist, Miss Una (her fleet-footed feline companion), and retired homicide detective Keoni Hewett explore are revealed by her evocative dreams and visions that move between the present and the past.

The series is seasoned with elements of multiculturalism, pan-Pacific history, the paranormal, and subtle romance. Included are several elements of classic literature:

~  Prologue and Epilogue

~  Casts of characters

~  Chapter quotes

~  Folio art [a hibiscus flower] around page numbers

~  Notes and Acknowledgements

~  Brief Overview of the Hawaiian language

~  Glossary of non-English and specialized terms [historically annotated]

Sub-themes are sprinkled within the layered stories, which are told in a first-person narrative. Stream of consciousness passages express the protagonist’s thought processes. This allows readers to experience the unfolding of each investigation in tandem with Natalie, who constantly seeks the truth of the situation, as well as the answer to Who dun it?

Throughout the series I share the feelings, uncertainties, and sometimes humorous asides, of characters of varied ages and backgrounds. Their relationships and backstories are designed to lead readers more deeply into Natalie’s world. My goal for each book is to offer a conclusion that is intellectually as well as emotionally satisfying. Having said that, I must alert you to vague details that may appear to be irrelevant. I assure you that these unsolved mini-mysteries will be unveiled in subsequent books.

On sunny days and rain-filled nights, I invite you to settle back in your recliner with one of Natalie’s stories. What will make it a page turner for you? The rich characteristics of Island living? Your desire to pursue overlapping story lines? The historical and multi-cultural aspects? Maybe Natalie’s wonderment at her expanding visions will draw your attention. Or, perhaps you’ll want to learn more about the characters, both living and deceased.

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The Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian mysteries

  By Jeanne Burrows-Johnson 

~ published by Artemesia Publishing ~

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2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards

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